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Spatial Information Programme - co-ordinating spatial data management across Scotland's local authorities

Scottish Land Information Service (ScotLIS)

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In March 2015, the Deputy First Minister announced his commitment to Scotland having an easy-to-use and affordable system for accessing a wide range of information about land and property - a one-stop digital database for land and property information services. He appointed a taskforce to look at options for this database and in October 2015 he accepted the recommendations in their report. Preparatory work for ScotLIS is now underway.


ScotLIS stands for the Scottish Land Information Service. Via an online portal, users will be able to access information about any piece of land or property in Scotland through a single, online enquiry point. This will support smarter conveyancing, and provide better access to important information to support policy, and other decision-making, while improving accountability and transparency and creating wider social and economic benefits through innovative use of data. It will also

improve sharing, analysis and presentation of data on Scotland’s land and property will sit within a framework that supports access to data across the public sector, complementing and interacting with other portals


Data can be linked through the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) and may be accessed via a map-based view that identifies land ownership using Registers of Scotland data. Notices currently provided as part of the local authority Property Enquiry Certificate service will be available as part of the data requirements.


ScotLIS will sit alongside other portals that currently exist, such as Canmore (provided by Historic Environment Scotland) and Scottish Environment Web (provided by a partnership of organisations with an interest in the environment) as another portal that can consume spatial information from the Improvement Service Spatial Hub.


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