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Self-assessment in Community Planning Partnerships - support with self-assessment and improvement planning

Self-assessment in CPPs - Partnership Checklists


Barry McLeod

Programme Manager

Tel. 01506 283800

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The series of checklists are designed to support CPPs with self-assessment and improvement planning, to critically review their 'fitness for purpose' in achieving shared outcomes.


The Community Planning Partnership Checklist – Allows CPP’s to assess their own performance against the expectations of the Community Empowerment Act and how the Board is performing as a partnership.


Partnership Checklist for LOIP Development – The focus of this checklist is to support CPP’s in the development of their Local Outcomes Improvement Plans, examining areas such as community participation and performance management and reporting for the LOIP.


Thematic Partnership Checklist – This framework is designed to support self-assessment of CPP thematic groups, for example community safety, health improvement and lifelong learning.


CPP Board Leadership Checklist – This partnership checklist has been developed to support CPP’s to critically review their leadership arrangements and how they currently work in practice.


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