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Spatial Hub commercial partnership offer promoted at GeoBusiness/GeoData conference


The Spatial Information Service (SIS) team exhibited at the annual GeoBusiness/ GeoData conference in London in May. It was specifically promoting its offer of commercial partnerships to help get local government data out to the 100+ companies that have been requesting it over the past few years.


The conference was attended by some 3,000 delegates from around the world who are using location and spatial technology to enhance their business. There were presentations and workshops from senior people within government and the public sector who are currently trying to promote and improve the geospatial sector in the UK. Most notably, William Priest (Head of the UK GeoSpatial Commission) spoke of the crucial role that planning and housing data will have in enabling us to stimulate the economy and innovation.


SIS held a well-attended workshop on the first day and were approached by a number of businesses about the possibility of working with us. There was also a lot of interest in the sustainable business model we are attempting to create (which recently supplied £250,000 back to local government for data improvements), with many enquirers realising that this makes a lot of sense in our current fiscally-pressured environment. The Spatial Hub model (of realising the value inherent within data to finance its continued maintenance and improvement) is being seen by many as something that could spread to the whole of the UK potentially.


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