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Spatial Information Service publishes new national datasets and encourages conference attendance


The Spatial Information Service (SIS) exists to improve local authority’s spatial data and its use. It also plays a role in promoting spatial data and technology across the wider community.


This month it published several new national datasets. They are:


  • Safety features (such as defibrillator, fire hydrant, CCTV and water access point locations)
  • Septic tanks
  • Private Water Supplies
  • Gritting routes for footpaths (an addition to road routes)


Having seen that many local authorities were collecting these datasets for their own purposes, SIS decided to conflate them into a single national dataset with common attributes. The datasets are intended to be improved and added to every year. They are available to everyone in the public sector at


SIS also updated other national datasets such as school catchments and polling datasets as part of its data publication cycle.


SIS would also like to take the opportunity to promote an event that it is helping organise.


Association for Geographic Information (AGI) Scotland Annual Conference: Innovation and Opportunity


This is a one-day only event which will be held on 6th March 2019 at Codebase in Stirling.


The theme of this conference is ‘Innovation and Opportunity: Stepping out of the GI comfort zone.’


It presents a great opportunity to explore the world of geographic information (GI) with like-minded people. The conference will look at how it has grown and developed in industries across Scotland outside of its traditional areas, and discuss the latest developments in technology, applications and policy.


Geospatial research is a valuable industry. It is used to inform many billions of pounds of investment in the public and private sectors globally. Locational data underpins almost everything we do in everyday life, from satellites to smartphones.


The AGI exists to represent the interests of and champion the value of geography and information.


Comments on previous conferences include:


“The conference offers members from a wide range of industries across various sectors the chance to continue to connect and develop a community of members.


“This is open to anyone in the industry who benefits from or uses geographical information.


“An annual conference is a positive way to capture the enthusiasm and passion of the industry to encourage collaboration and partnership, as well as to challenge and develop members.


” The upcoming conference is a perfect chance to highlight the growing importance and prevalence of GI in everyday life.”


Follow AGI on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates as we announce further details over the coming weeks.


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