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Tellmescotland - Scotland's national public information notices portal

Tellmescotland ( is Scotland's national public information notices (PINs) portal, allowing public notices from across Scotland to be published in a single online location for the first time. The website was launched on 20 December 2010. There are 31 councils and 22 wider public sector organisations now publishing notices on the portal.


Public information notices are announcements that local authorities are legally required to publish. There are two types of notice. Statutory Notices give required notice of an intended action, such as road closures, construction, licensing and planning/property developments. There are also non-statutory notices which provide general public information.  These include changes to services such as refuse collection or notification that community council elections, committee meetings and other local events will be taking place, for example.


Tellmescotland has three main aims, which are to:


  • make public information notices easier for the public to understand and act on
  • make public information notices accessible to a wider public
  • improve efficiencies of local government spend in advertising


 It provides the following key benefits:


  • Cost savings in spend on Public Information Notice advertising
  • Modernised approach to keeping members of the public informed about public information
  • A national picture of statutory and public service developments with enhanced information and notification capability


Users can register for email and SMS alerts specific to public information notices within their selected area of choice or they can simply browse the website and search for notices. You can sign up to receive regular alerts from tellmescotland at



Iain Paton

Project Manager

Tel. 01506 283801

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