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The ambition for superfast broadband for all in Scotland


Technology is transforming how we go about our lives. It connects us in ways we have never seen before and ways in which we would have never thought possible. With its help, we can develop new products and services helping local, regional, national and international business. We can access information instantaneously to expand the knowledge and skills of our workforce. It creates efficiencies, reducing costs whilst increasing quality.


The Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy defines the ambition to portray Scotland as an exciting digital nation. This requires high quality digital connectivity all across Scotland, particularly in our rural communities to help them prosper in the future.


The Scottish Government has set an ambitious target through the ‘Reaching 100%’ (R100) commitment: that every home and business in Scotland will have access to superfast (greater than 30 Mbps) broadband.


The £600m funding for the initial phase of the programme is the biggest public investment ever made in a UK broadband project, helping deliver the first universal superfast programme in the UK.


Scotland has some of the most challenging locations anywhere in Europe for providing telecoms infrastructure.

So, to achieve their promise, there obviously needs to exist accurate information on where every home and business is.

This is where the One Scotland Gazetteer (OSG) comes in.


The One Scotland Gazetteer is the definitive national address dataset for Scotland – which is fed with residential and commercial property information from each of Scotland’s 32 local authorities.


This address register is collated and managed by the Improvement Service and is used throughout the Scottish public sector – including underpinning the R100 programme.


The information can be accessed via a webservice and has a high level of data currency and reliability, along with a robust change feedback mechanism ensuring user confidence.


The seamless provision of reliable and relevant data, such as the One Scotland Gazetteer, will be paramount in helping the Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy achieve the aims of the programme, as well as continuing to move forward at the same pace as the ever-improving technology around us.


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