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The future of digital services for young people


Thanks to a brand new membership platform, young people aged 12-26 in Scotland can now discover and access Young Scot discounts, rewards and additional bespoke opportunities all in one place for the first time.


All a Young Scot needs is their Young Scot National Entitlement card to get started., launched on 12 June 2019, is available to all 691,000+ Young Scot NEC cardholders.


The platform has been developed, built and will be supported by the Improvement Service as part of a partnership between the Improvement Service and Young Scot and to accelerate the development of digital services to young people in Scotland.


The partnership is aiming to change how young Scots can:


  • Securely access online membership services and benefits through an enriched, expanded and fully integrated digital ‘shop window'
  • Benefit from a customer experience platform offering services, notifications and alerts, personalised and tailored to their needs, interests and preferences.


What does this mean for young people?


For the first time young people will be able to view all Young Scot related discounts, rewards and additional entitlements in one place. They will be able to securely access using their mygovscot myaccount to get access to a wide range of opportunities.


Over the coming months, the partnership between Young Scot and the Improvement Service will identify further opportunities where new digital services could be offered to young people via the platform.


The partnership will be speaking to organisations as services are developed and will be exploring how the same approach could be re-used to deliver smart, digital services for other groups of people, such as older volunteers and the unemployed.


Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive of Young Scot commented:


“We are delighted to be launching our new Young Scot Membership Services. This innovative new platform, developed with our partners at the Improvement Service, provides Young Scot cardholders across the country with the opportunity to now become a member to securely access discounts, rewards and additional bespoke entitlements.


“It is hugely exciting to continue exploring how we can collaborate to further enhance the services we offer to young people in ways that are relevant, accessible and meaningful to them.”


Sarah Gadsden, Interim Chief Executive of the Improvement Service, added:


“We’re delighted to have partnered with Young Scot to increase the range of digital services available to Scotland’s young people, through the launch of the Young Scot Customer Experience Platform.


“Our exciting partnership with Young Scot is very much focused on how we work together and innovate to support young people to securely access a wide range of opportunities, personalised rewards and discounts”.


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