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In April 2015, the Improvement Service was commissioned to work with The Richmond Fellowship on modernising its expense claiming system.


The work focused around the internal workings of the expense claiming process which had become outdated, inefficient and poorly integrated. The goal of the project was to come up with a new, modern solution for claiming expenses that fully met the needs of staff and the business.


Through a number of process mapping workshops and interviews, we worked with a team from The Richmond Fellowship to explore the root causes of the inefficiencies within the process. The team was looking for opportunities along the process where tasks could be made digital, automated, or their order changed to save time.


The team identified a number of areas across the process which were causing problems:


  • the manual postage of hundreds of expense forms every month was proving costly and slow for staff
  • many staff didn’t understand fully how to complete the expense forms
  • when expense forms were being validated by members of the finance team there was too much manual cross referencing and returning for amendments.


All in all these problems amalgamated together to form a slow, cumbersome and poorly user-focused process that ultimately meant expenses were often paid late or in some cases, missed completely.


The next stage of the analysis involved a series of idea-generating workshops in which the Improvement Service worked with the Richmond Fellowship to come up a number of solutions that would help improve the process. The workshops proved immensely successful with the team coming up with a number of ideas including the emailing of expense forms instead of posting, which would generate significant savings, better training at staff inductions and better communications across departments. These solutions were then incorporated into a conceptual improved ‘to-be’ process map which was reviewed by staff before being signed off.

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