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The Tools for Making Successful Places


Irene Beautyman
Planning for Place Programme Manager

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Trevor Moffat

Project Officer

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This event reviewed current tools to create more successful places through a series of presentations and interactive sessions. It featured West Dunbartonshire’s initiative to develop an Urban Design Panel in an area of deprivation. When well designed, place can improve lives and the delivery of services.



Place is identified as a central theme in how the public service improves quality of life.


  • What tools are there for planning to embrace its part in the quality of places?
  • What help is there for planners when they give consent for changes to a place?


A summary of presentations and the outputs from the interactive workshops is available. All the presentations from the event are available below.


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The Importance of Leadership in Delivering Successful Places

Colin Mair, Former CEO, Improvement Service

Key Messages on the Tools to Deliver Successful Places

The Importance of Leadership in Delivering Successful Places

Joyce White, CEO, West Dunbartonshire Council

The National Context for how Design Contributes to Delivering Successful Development

Ian Gilzean, Chief Architect, Scottish Government

Urban Design Panels: an Opportunity for a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Sucessful Places

Jim MacDonald, CEO, Architecture and Design Scotland

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The Economic Vitality Opportunity from the Panel. Contributions to and Anticipated Outcomes from the Urban Design Panel

Richard Cairns, Executive Director for Infrastructure and Regeneration, West Dunbartonshire Council

West Dunbartonshire's Ambition Behind the Urban Design Panel

Patrick McGlinchey, Former Deputy Leader, West Dunbartonshire Council

Aspirations for West Dunbartonshire's Urban Design Panel

Pamela Clifford, Planning Services Manager, West Dunbartonshire Council

An Alternative Tool for Managing Development

Eily Webster, Senior Development Plans Officer, Moray Council


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