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Third Sector Interface Community Planning Improvement Programme - strengthening the role of the third sector in community planning

Third Sector Interface (TSI) Community Planning Improvement Programme


Barry McLeod

Programme Manager

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The Community Planning Improvement (CPI) programme was a partnership led by Voluntary Action Scotland (VAS), the Improvement Service, and the Third Sector Interfaces (TSIs).


TSIs play an important development role with regards to the Third Sector and volunteering locally.  They are also charged by Scottish Government with the task of “building the third sector relationship” with community planning. Together these roles put them at the heart of building the bridge between sectors so that a growing range of ‘assets’ locally can contribute to better outcomes.


The CPI programme aimed to help TSIs to clarify and strengthen their role in community planning with a focus on delivering the vision of the Statement of Ambition for Community Planning and ultimately “delivering demonstrable improvements in people’s lives”.


Aims of the Programme

The programme sought to develop and share the knowledge of ‘what works’ in building the third sector relationship with community planning.  More broadly, the programme aimed to strengthen the role of TSI’s within community planning and its partners.


The output of the programme was an improvement plan agreed between the TSI and CPP highlighting areas for improvement to strengthen the role of TSI’s and Third Sector.


The programme completed two phases of work involving 11 TSI’s and CPPs, delivering the following:


  • A collaboratively developed self-assessment and improvement planning model
  • TSI-led self-assessment
  • TSI-led improvement planning, with each partner TSI developing its own improvement plan
  • Opportunities for TSIs to share learning and build confidence in improvement activity
  • A clearer view from VAS on the reform of community planning


Together such measures will achieve greater clarity around the role of TSIs, greater knowledge of ‘what works’ and a stronger focus on how TSIs and the third sector support better outcomes.


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