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Third Sector Interface Community Planning Improvement Programme - strengthening the role of the third sector in community planning

TSI Community Planning Improvement Programme Activity


Barry McLeod

Programme Manager

Tel. 01506 283800

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The five partner TSIs are working closely with VAS and the IS throughout phase 1 in 2014/15 to:


  • Develop and apply a TSI self-assessment and improvement planning model
  • Develop a benchmarking framework
  • Develop a knowledge management system to share learning with all TSIs
  • Develop better evidence to support the reform of community planning


Importantly they will connect with other work underway at the IS and within VAS and partners to ensure the work builds upon (amongst others) the development of;


  • The Quality Scotland led development of EFQM amongst TSIs
  • Common values, approaches and services for TSIs
  • The GIRFEC National Project
  • The Change Fund Enhancing the Role of the Third Sector project
  • The adoption and development of the Milo information management system amongst TSIs
  • The CPP self-assessment and improvement planning national project


The development of the self-assessment and improvement framework has involved co-design and collaboration with the wider TSI network and opportunities have been developed to share learning as the programme develops so that a rolling programme of TSI involvement can be supported.


You can download the checklists used for TSI self-assessment below:




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