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Third Sector Interface Community Planning Improvement Programme - strengthening the role of the third sector in community planning

TSI Community Planning Improvement Programme - Outcomes


Barry McLeod

Programme Manager

Tel. 01506 283800

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The programme contributed to the achievement of the following outcomes:


  • Evidence of ‘what works’ and why is established
  • TSIs and community planning partners understand their starting point
  • TSIs and community planning partners are able to measure progress
  • CP partners have clarity (via improvement plans) on how to improve third sector engagement and involvement
  • The task of ‘building a relationship with community planning’ becomes measurable and outcomes are clarified
  • A clear and shared definition of the TSI role itself is established
  • The National Community Planning Review has greater clarity around the third sector role and ways to enhance this
  • Good practice is shared and replicated
  • VAS and TSIs are better equipped to support improvement
  • Ultimately the best possible environment in which the third sector can contribute to better outcomes is created.


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