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TSI Self-Assessment and Improvement - Awareness Session


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What is an Awareness Session?

An awareness session is an introduction to the self-assessment process. It should take no longer than an hour and gives an overview of how the process works. The TSI should invite everyone they would like to attend. This could include Community Planning Partners, Third Sector Interface staff and third sector representatives.

Download an example of an Awareness Session agenda

How to run an Awareness Session

An awareness session involves a one hour presentation setting out a timescale for the self-assessment process. A timeline slide can be used to show the three different stages.

How to issue the Checklist

The checklist should be issued electronically using a software programme of your choice e.g. Smart Survey, Survey Monkey or Questback. It is useful to also issue a PDF version of the checklist to allow people to read through the questions in advance of completing the survey online.


Click below for PDF versions of the checklists.

What happens next?

The survey should be open for 2 - 3 weeks to allow sufficient time for responses. Once the survey has closed, the data can be analysed in preparation for the Consensus Session.


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