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Change Management Webinars

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Being social: leading public services in the age of social media (30 November 2016)

Louise MacDonald and Kirsten Urquhart, Young Scot


Systems Thinking in the Environment Agency (30 November 2016)

Rich Knight, Environment Agency


How can we use data systems and measurement tools to motivate employees? (22 November 2016)

Dr Pietro Micheli, Warwick Business School


Open data driving social impact (26 October 2016)

Steven Revill, CEO, Urban Tide


NHS Digital - Benefits Tracking: After the dust has settled (19 October 2016)

David Waller, Benefits Lead - Interoperability


Warwickshire County Council - Our Journey Through Transformation (12 October 2016)

Sue Evans, Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development


Kai-Sigma - North Ayrshire Council (1 September 2016)

Gavin MacGregor, Head of People & Transformation, North Ayrshire Council


The Vanguard Method and Public Services (28 July 2016)

John Seddon, Vanguard


How can we create a ‘performance culture’ through a data-based approach? (13 July 2016)

Dr Pietro Micheli, University of Warwick


Glasgow Integrated Care for Older People – Intermediate Care (5 July 2016)

Lorna Dunipace, Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership


Leadership Exchange – a Cross Sector Knowledge Exchange for Scotland’s Public Services (May 2016)

Emily Martin, ACOSVO & Kathleen McLoughlin, IS


Influencing Change - Strategically (23 March 2016)

Colin Gautrey, Gautrey Group


Making East Renfrewshire Fit for the Future (18 February 2016)

Rebecca McDonald & Richard Morrison, East Renfrewshire Council


Link Up - Creating the Foundations for Individual Community Led Change (27 January 2016)

Andrew Magowan, Link Up Programme Manager


Challenges and Changes (11 November 2015)

Colin Mair, Improvement Service


Single Outcome Agreement: Prioritising Outcomes (8 October 2015)

Shaw Anderson, Glasgow City Council


Mobile and Flexible Working: Fife Architecture (24 September 2015)

Charlie Anderson, Fife Council


Vibrant Communities: the Story So Far (6 August 2015)

Katie Kelly, East Ayrshire Council


The Benefits of Benefits Management (18 June 2015)

David Waller, Keldale


How Aberdeenshire Council has implemented Lean (21 May 2015)

Jane Wilkinson, Aberdeenshire Council


Coming soon:


Details of upcoming webinars can be found on the Knowledge Hub or by contacting the Change Management team.


Gerard McCormack
Programme Manager

Tel. 01506 283850

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Clare Sherry
Senior Project Manager

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