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Welfare Advice Service Facilitator

The Welfare Advice Service Facilitator (WASF), whose post is funded by the Scottish Government, aims to help embed welfare rights and money advisors within GP practices and primary care services. The position is hosted within the Improvement Service, with the WASF working closely with the Improving Outcomes in Money Advice project team.


Welfare reform and austerity are putting GP services, and primary care more broadly, under undue pressure. Increasingly, health care professionals are dealing with problems caused by changes to the benefit system and the immediate effects of poverty, meaning that they have less time to focus on their patients’ clinical needs. In response, a number of projects have arisen across Scotland that embed welfare rights and money advisors in general practice and wider primary care services. Independent evaluation has shown that this not only reduces health inequalities, but also eases some of the pressures faced by health services in Scotland’s most deprived communities. A recent Social Return on Investment report by the Improvement Service suggested that, as a direct result of embedding advisors in general practices, patients reported improvements in their health and wellbeing, and practice staff were able to focus more time on delivering medical interventions.


The WASF offers advice and support to advice agencies, Health and Social Care Partnerships, and health services interested in adopting the service delivery model. Please contact Roddy Samson if you would like some assistance.


Roddy Samson

Tel. 07841 572919

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