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Welfare Reform Dashboard - key data on welfare and benefits in Scotland

Welfare Reform Dashboard

The Welfare Reform Data Dashboard is a dynamic tool bringing together key data on welfare reform from NOMIS, DWP and Scottish Government.


Data is provided at both a local authority and data zone level (Scotland’s most commonly used small area statistic) in a number of areas including:


  • benefit claimant levels and sanctions
  • local labour market figures
  • Scottish Welfare Fund statistics
  • Discretionary Housing Payments


The dashboard enables users to visualise the data by generating interactive maps and charts. It is designed to be flexible, allowing users to browse and choose the topics and geographies they are interested in. It is designed to help users in strategic and service planning as well as in developing local area profiles around welfare reform related issues.


The dashboard has four primary functions:


  • Neighbourhood level map - provides sub local authority level analysis allowing you to map a selected indicator on a data zone level.
  • Neighbourhood level data is dynamically linked to the neighbourhood map and displays the values which sit behind the map.
  • Scotland map - allows you to map a local authority level indictor, providing you with a visual way of comparing local authority are values for a selected indicator.
  • Indicator summary - allows you to browse a detailed summary of a selected local authority level indicator.

Learning materials including a User Guide and FAQs are provided on the Dashboard.

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