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West Lothian Council launches for schools in the Linlithgow area is a new secure online service to transform communications between schools and parents. With direct digital communications replacing the schoolbag run, it provides secure access for parents to a wide range of online services and information about their child’s education. has been launched for Linlithgow parents with an initial basket of services to access, with the view to add more brand new services throughout the next year.


Parents will be able to access this service via their school websites, using their mygovscot myaccount to sign in - mygovscot myaccount is the secure and easy way to access public services online in Scotland.


The service has been developed in partnership by the Improvement Service and SEEMiS, an Education Management Information System provider within Scottish Education, used by all 2500+ local authority-run schools.


The Improvement Service is responsible for designing, building, operating and the ongoing support of, whilst SEEMiS is responsible for provisioning educational-related data to the portal.


This was with a joint vision of enabling and creating a digital relationship between parents, pupils and schools.
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