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Workforce Planning - Facilitation


Dot  McLaughlin,
Programme Manager

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At the beginning of the workforce planning process there is a clear role for senior managers to analyse the drivers for change impacting on future models of service delivery and the changing context in which that delivery will take place.


This ensures that any planning for the workforce, which is at least 60% of all revenue budget spend, is aligned to the strategic direction of the organisation or partnership and to achieving the overarching outcomes identified through service, organisational or partnership planning processes. It also ensures that any spend on development is directed to maximise impact on appropriately skilling the workforce to support sustainable change.


It is our experience that facilitation, utilising a variety of tools including PESTLE, force field analysis, scenario planning etc. can support senior management teams to work through a logical process and enable the alignment of resources to outcomes ensuring that risk is managed, transformation can take place and the workforce is fit for the future. As well as facilitating sessions with senior, service management and partnership teams we would seek to include and build local capacity to support this work so that the approach is sustainable.


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