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Workforce Planning - Impact on Local Economies


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Programme Manager

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Impact of the council or CPP workforce on local economies and in particular on local areas of multiple deprivation.


There is an increasing awareness that cutting posts as a way of managing budget constraint is not a sustainable solution. In addition to cost considerations there is now a greater realisation that cutting good quality jobs may actually militate against meeting economic outcomes contained in SOAs and agreed by councils and their partners. The fact that public agencies are usually the biggest employers in any area and a critical employer in rural and remote areas, means that the council and other public service agencies are key players in creating sustainable economies and, we would argue, that the workforce needs to be considered in this more holistic and systemic way for the purposes of planning.


We have developed an approach which overlays workforce pay and other information against local SIMD data to provide a report which allows comparisons within and outwith the council boundaries, of the impact of the council as an employer on geographical areas of multiple inequality.  We can offer an introductory session to help encourage discussion on key concerns and how existing data can and should be used alongside internal data produced to allow analysis of the workforce in this broader context.


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