using and reporting on the LGBF

The LGBF is not an end in itself - it is how it is used within local planning, improvement, change management, scrutiny and reporting activities that matters.

Information within the LGBF should be interpreted against the strategic priorities being pursued by each council.  Scottish councils are democratically elected bodies which represent very diverse communities in terms of geography, population, deprivation levels and community needs. Councils across Scotland do not have common service structures. Each council has the structure and service arrangements that it believes are the most appropriate and cost effective to support its local community. Each council is therefore unlikely to place the same priority on every area covered by the LGBF.

The LGBF is just one tool in councils’ local intelligence ‘toolbox’, adding value through the comparative element it provides.

The LGBF is used alongside other appropriate local data to provide balanced Public Performance Reporting against the council’s strategic priorities/outcomes.  Local context in relation to how councils structure and deliver their services will be helpful to support meaningful interpretation.