Scenario planning as a strategic tool to support renewal

Scenario planning supports and informs the strategic planning process by providing a set of tools for thinking about the future and exploring possibilities of what that might look like.

A five-step approach toolkit

The toolkit is designed to be flexible and to augment existing strategic planning tools and processes. It can be used at a strategic level and also at a service or team level, throughout the recovery and renewal phase. It contains a selection of tools that can be used at each step. Some of these will be familiar and may already be used as part of the strategic planning process. It is for each organisation to decide which of the tools and approaches are most appropriate and relevant for them.

The model can be used in a flexible way, with councils adapting and modifying as they choose. The IS can provide support where required.

Support from the Improvement Service

This framework and the tools within it can be used by councils on their own, or with support from the IS. Support we can provide includes:

  • Facilitation – providing facilitation support around all or some of the steps in the process.
  • Horizon Scanning – undertaking research on the latest available information.
  • Shared learning and practice – we facilitate OD and change management networks to gather learning and practice. These networks meet regularly and discussions are providing a wealth of information to inform scenario planning

Further information regarding support available can be found in the tools and approaches section for each step.

Amanda Spark - Programme Manager, Organisational Development
Clare Sherry - Programme Manager, Change Management