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Elected Members' Webinar Series


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The Elected Members' webinar Series has been developed by the IS to provide elected members with further development opportunities. Webinars are held live and elected members are encouraged to join in and participate on the day. Webinars are also recorded, so elected members that couldn’t join in on the day, can access and view the content.


A list of our upcoming and archived webinars is below:


Upcoming webinars


Fairer Scotland Duty

27 August 2019, 12.00pm - 1.00pm

The Fairer Scotland Duty was introduced in April 2018 and places a duty on certain public bodies in Scotland (including local authorities and Integrated Joint Boards) to consider how to reduce inequalities of outcome caused by socioeconomic disadvantage.


Elected members have a role in ensuring that the decisions they take for their authority are informed by consideration of socio-economic disadvantage in the area and the inequalities of outcome experienced by those living in socio-economic disadvantage.  Officers should be considering the Fairer Scotland Duty at the outset and all the way through the development of any strategic plans, budget savings etc.


Building on the elected member briefing on the Fairer Scotland Duty, this webinar will introduce the Fairer Scotland Duty to members, highlighting their role in the implementation of the duty. It will also give examples of how consideration of the duty has been given to strategic decisions in councils.


Register for the Fairer Scotland Duty webinar.


Past webinars

Best Value

Paul Reilly from the Accounts Commission presents and answers questions on best value, including:


  • What is Best Value?
  • Why does it matter to councils and elected members?
  • What are the key messages for elected members from recent audits?
  • What does Best Value look like in a council?
  • What is involved in a Best Value Audit?

Public Health Reform

Eibhlin McHugh (Co-director, Public Health Reform) provides an overview of the reform programme, public health priorities, public health Scotland and the whole system approach.


Jacqui McGinn (Health Improvement & Inequalities Manager, West Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership) provides first-hand experience of working with a whole system approach by developing Community Planning West Dunbartonshire Substance Use Prevention Strategy.

Community Participation

Dave Allen from the Scottish Community Development Centre speaks about community participation. David Barr from the Improvement Service hosts.

Child Poverty

Hosted by David Barr with speakers Dr Rachel McAdams from NHS Health Scotland and Hanna McCulloch from the Improvement Service.

Digital Transformation

Hosted by David Barr with speakers Martyn Wallace and Colin Birchenall from the Digital Office - Scottish Local Government, this webinar discusses Digital Transformation in local government.

Engaging with constituents through the use of social media

Hosted by Ross McCulloch of Third Sector Lab, this webinar looks at how elected members can use social media to engage with their constituents.

Introduction to the planning system for elected members

Christina Cox, planning and building standards manager at Stirling Council presents an overview of the document 'The Planning System in Scotland: A guide for Elected Members'. This webinar is will help give an understanding of what the planning system in Scotland seeks to achieve, and the processed used in decision making. The presentation given is followed by a Q+A session with current elected members.


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