DPEA - Appeals Training (Glasgow)
Wed 11th Mar
10:00am - 4:00pm
5 Atlantic Quay, 150 Broomielaw, Glasgow G2 8LU
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Planning Skills and the DPEA are hosting an event for planning staff looking at the planning appeals process.

The training will include presentations covering:

  • Thinking about the potential for an appeal from the outset – using clear reasoning in the recommendation, considering the appeal response if it goes against the officer recommendation, applying the S25 test, the process of dealing with the application should be clear to a relatively uninformed reader, addressing EIA, HRA and protected species appropriately, consideration for potential matters to be addressed by condition and/or planning obligation.
  • Preparing appeal files: providing detail of the case to the reporter, responses to points raised by the appellant, submission of correct plans, guiding the reporter through the process/reasoning of the council, addressing consultations and include suggested conditions, EIA screening opinions and any assessment.
  • Responding to procedure notices – for written submissions and oral processes.
  • Using core documents.
  • Legal provisions for the appeal process .

In addition there will be 2 workshops covering:

  • What planning authorities think reporters need (from the appellant and the council) in order to determine an appeal
  • An appeal case example which delegates will assess from the reporters point of view

This event is open to employees of all Planning Skills Member organisations. Please use your work email address when you register.

This event is primarily aimed at planning staff but other disciplines who take part in the planning appeals process are welcome to attend.