Implementing Scotland's New Planning Act: Where are we now and what happens next?
Tue 25th Aug
9:30am - 3:30pm
Central Edinburgh
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This conference examines how and when the Scottish Government plans to roll out implementation of the new Planning Act, what needs to happen for the Act to meet its original objectives for planning in Scotland and which issues remain to be defined in order to give full effect to the content of the Act.

The intention of the new Planning Act for Scotland was to..."change planning's operation and its reputation from that of a regulator to a positive and active enabler of good quality development...".

Now that the Act is law the Scottish Government has also stated that "We expect to implement most of the Act by early 2021" and that "We want to take forward these reforms in a collaborative way and it is vital that people are able and have the capacity to participate in the reshaping of their planning system."

This conference is timed to enable engagement with two key parts of of the next stage in the Scottish Government Planning and Architecture Division's published 'Transforming Planning in Practice - Post-Bill Work Programme'.