Next steps in identifying potential approaches for distributing the devolved debt levy funding
Fri 10th Jul
11:00am - 12:00pm
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The Improvement Service's Evaluation Team, supported by the Scottish Government, will be delivering three webinars that are likely to be of interest to both funders and providers of money and welfare rights services. It is hoped that the webinars will be informative and will also encourage and support wider debate about the future of money and welfare advice services and the impact of COVID -19.

The first webinar on 10 July will outline the findings from an in-depth engagement process on potential funding models for distributing the debt levy funding that has been devolved to the Scottish Government. It is also intended to outline future engagement opportunities.

The session will include an update on the 'test of change' that is taking place in relation to one model - disseminating the funding by direct grants to local authorities.