Planning Skills: Place and Health
Tue 25th Feb
10:30am - 11:30am
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How Can Planning Best Support Scotland’s Health and Wellbeing?

As Scotland prepares to deliver defined public health priorities and consultation on National Planning Framework 4 cites improving peoples health and wellbeing as a key objective, listen in to this 30 min presentation to find out more:

  • How can NPF4 best support the implementation of planning policies that enable the health and wellbeing of Scotland's population and delivery of Public Health Priorities?
  • With policies on topics such as place making, active travel, housing, green infrastructure and air quality already common in LDPS, what overarching principles which would best inform a supportive national policy approach?
  • How can we achieve stronger collaboration between Spatial Planners and Public Health practitioners to deliver shared objectives?

Join Matt Lowther, NHS Health Scotland, and Irene Beautyman, Improvement Service, to hear about the links between planning, places and health that inform shared national and local health objectives and the collaborative work taking place to answer these questions.

This session is open to employees of all Planning Skills Member organisations.

If you can't make the webinar or are not a Planning Skills member we will be making a recording available to all online. For updates on this and other events please follow @planningskills on Twitter.