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If you are a service provider and would like more information about using IS Secure in your organisation, please contact:

IS Secure

IS Secure is a secure file sharing system designed to be used by the Scottish public sector. Once set up on the site, an organisation can upload their files to the secure area, and they can be shared with other organisations securely. This can be especially useful when you want to share files that are too large, or sensitive to e-mail.


There is no need to install, maintain or pay for additional software to use IS Secure.


Data is encrypted, and users can also password protect files. Files can be shared with an individual user, or a whole group, and files can be shared at a click of a button. Users are kept up to date via e-mail notifications, and once the files have been shared, they can be deleted at a simple click of the button.

You can view the IS Secure promotional video above.


If you need to share data securely with another organisation, IS Secure is for you.


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