Money Guiders Scotland network update
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Are you involved with money guidance or advice? It might only be a small part of what you do or manage.

The Money Guiders Scotland network holds events where you can learn from other organisations on a range of topics and network with people across the voluntary, third and public sectors.

In April the network heard about:

  • the value of council funded money and welfare advice services in Scotland, based on research carried out by the Improvement Service and
  • new projects on financial capability and employability for ethnic minority communities in Scotland, from CEMVO Scotland
  • collaborative approaches to council tax collection between Scottish councils and those offering debt and money advice

There are more events coming up in May, including an introduction to the online community for the Money Guiders network:

Find out more about this learning network, events and activities on our website at Money Guiders Scotland network, or keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

The network is supported by the Improvement Service, in partnership with the Money and Pensions Service, as part of the UK Money Guiders programme.