Creating a Council Climate League
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Climate Emergency UK is scoring local authority Climate Action Plans to create a Council Climate League.

Although many UK councils have climate action plans, it isn’t currently possible to judge how good a plan is, the organisation says. The Council Climate League project will:

  • Provide a benchmark for what is a good plan that councillors and campaigners can use for improvement
  • Let residents and climate action groups know how well their council is doing.
  • Showcase how much councils are doing and act as a tool to call for more support to councils for taking action on the climate emergency.

The long term aim of the project is to mark councils on their climate action. In preparation for this, only what is written in Climate Action Plans will be marked this year.

The scoring system is based on Climate Emergency UK’s Checklist for creating a strong Climate Action Plan and adapted based on feedback from councillors, council officers and climate action group.

The deadline for inclusion of a Climate Action Plan is 20 September 2021. Marking of plans that are publicly available will take place throughout August and September. A list of all plans that will be marked is in the Climate Action Plan Database. If your plan is not in the database, or you have a more recent version, contact before 20 September 2021

More information: Council Climate League