Report highlights extent of councils' economic development work
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The Scottish Local Authorities Economic Development (SLAED) Group’s SLAED Indicators Report 2018/19 was published on 15th January 2020. The report provides data for a series of performance measures relevant to local authority economic development delivery.

Data for a number of the indicators is sourced from public datasets and partner organisations, where others are provided by the 32 local authorities directly. A number of the indicators within the SLAED Indicators Framework are now also included in the Local Government Benchmarking Framework.

The report highlights that in 2018/19:

  • 1,300 officers worked in local government economic development across Scotland, spending £555m on mainstream economic development and tourism activities;
  • Local authorities supported almost 14,000 local businesses and assisted over 15,000 unemployed people into jobs
  • For every £1 invested in economic development by local authorities, they were able to lever in an additional £1.63 from external sources.

Local authorities are key players in delivering local economic development, both individually and collectively. As a result, there is interest from the Scottish Government, Audit Scotland, the Scottish Parliament and a wide range of stakeholders in the information presented in the SLAED Indicators Report. Investment in economic development contributes to a range of priority areas such as tackling child poverty, creating job opportunities, improving health outcomes and reducing inequalities.

Download the SLAED Indicators Report