Working together to improve council tax collection
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The  Improvement Service in partnership with Stepchange Scotland, Citizens Advice Scotland, Citizens Advice & Rights Fife, Money and Pensions Service and IRRV Scotland have produced a guide to ‘Collaborative Council Tax Collection’.

The guide seeks to offer a set of principles to support a collaborative approach between those in Scottish councils who are responsible for administering council tax and those offering debt and money advice, on either an internal or external basis.

One of the most common types of debts for which individuals seek advice are council tax arrears. The guide seeks to support revenues sections and advice providers to work together by offering a set of standards that can be both adopted and implemented locally. Councils have to strike a balance between supporting vulnerable individuals in financial difficulty  and at the same time ensuring they collect the local taxes which are needed to fund services.  It is hoped that the guide can assist with this.

The effectiveness of taking this approach will be evaluated later on this year, after which a revised guide may be produced.

To discuss further, comment or highlight examples of good practice please contact