IS volunteer providing vital support for disaster response
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A member of our staff at the Improvement Service, Dominic Greenslade, volunteers with Map Action who has recently featured in an article on the BBC website for its role in disaster response.

Map Action works to ensure disaster response teams have access to the maps and data they need whenever they are needed. With the help of technology and volunteers, the organisation helps provide maps for aid agencies and governments. Dominic’s day job with the Improvement Service involves working with geospatial data so he is well-suited to his voluntary role.

Volunteers like Dominic play a crucial role and must be ready to be deployed to a disaster situation at a moment’s notice – whether that is in-country or remotely, anywhere in the world.

The article highlights that without geographic data Map Action and its volunteers can’t carry out its vital work. They need good data to help develop an effective disaster response – providing geographic support for responders like the United Nations and the national governments.  This has become more relevant recently around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic which has highlighted gaps in geographic data which limits the effectiveness of the response.