Sub-council area population projections to be published
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The Improvement Service is currently working with the National Records of Scotland (NRS) to produce a standard set of population projections for sub-council areas.

Currently population projections are regularly produced for each council area, but not for smaller areas within each council. This project will address this gap by producing a set of projections for specified small areas within each council area.

This work is intended to support councils who do not have the capacity to produce their own projections as well as users who are interested in a standard set of local area projections for all areas across Scotland. It is not intended to replace projections already being produced by some councils but will provide a number of benefits in terms of providing an updated set of sub-council area projections that are consistent with the sub-national (council level) projections produced by NRS.

Population projections can help councils understand the potential future size and make-up of local populations and inform forward planning by councils and other partners. Therefore, the standard set of sub-council area projections currently being produced by the Improvement Service and NRS will be of interest to councils who are currently unable to produce their own population projections.

These projections form part of a wider package of NRS support offered to those who want to create their own population projections. The projections can also be used by councils in conjunction with this support package, as a basis on which to build custom projections using local knowledge and assumptions.

The Improvement Service is currently working with councils to gather feedback on a draft set of projections. The final set of projections are due to be published in August 2020 on the Improvement Service website. Further information about the project and the additional support offered is available on the NRS website.