Supporting climate change adaptation in the Glasgow city region 
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The Improvement Service has supported the development of the Glasgow City Region’s first Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan, launched in June 2021.

This strategy emphasises and demonstrates the importance of adaptation measures as part of the local government response to climate change.

The IS has worked with Sniffer, Climate Ready Clyde and local authorities in the Glasgow City Region on the strategy. It will act as a blueprint for transformational change by setting out the key activity and direction needed to create a sustainable and resilient future.

The IS will support the delivery of the flagship action for local government to build capabilities and deliver collaborative adaptation in response to climate change. Work is already underway to identify opportunities to share learning, raise awareness and build capacity. The IS will draw on and develop its networks and programmes to ensure adaptation is embedded in local government transformation.

New partnerships are being developed between the IS and key stakeholders such as Adaptation Scotland and over half of the staff at the IS have completed carbon literacy training which highlights the need to understand and respond urgently to the impacts of climate change alongside working towards Net Zero.