Update from Recovery and Delivery Team
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Throughout June and July, the Recovery and Delivery team facilitated a series of Covid Recovery Strategy Programme and Community Planning Partnership workshops, attended by twenty local authorities, to better understand how local actions are contributing to the outcomes identified in the Covid Recovery Strategy, and where local delivery teams are facing barriers that could be addressed systematically by the Covid Recovery Programme Board. In the coming weeks, the team will continue to support the development of the first Covid Recovery Strategy Assurance Report. For further information, please contact

The IS Early Learning and Childcare programme continues to work with stakeholders from Local and Scottish Government to realise the benefits of the expansion and support the ongoing sustainability of the sector. This includes supporting in measuring and improving the uptake amongst eligible 2-year-olds and offering support and advice on workforce planning strategies. We are also continuing with our regular reports tracking the status of the Early Learning and Childcare sector and understanding the workforce and the number of children accessing their funded offer. For further information, please contact: