Revised collaborative council tax guide published
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An updated guide to Collaborative Council Tax Collection has been published by the Improvement Service.

The guide offers a set of principles to support a collaborative approach between those in Scottish councils who are responsible for administering council tax and those offering debt and money advice on either an internal or external basis.

It has been developed by the Improvement Service, StepChange (Scotland), IRRV Scotland, Citizens’ Advice Rights Fife, Citizens Advice Scotland, and Money Advice Scotland working together to agree a shared approach to council tax collection.

The principles outlined in the guide relate to communication, policy development, best practice and cross-sector collaboration. These take the form of a set of standards that could be adopted in each council area to support people who are having trouble paying their council tax.

Council tax arrears are the most common debt issue that people bring to advice agencies. With the sharp rise in living costs and the economic legacy of the pandemic, council tax debt looks set to continue to be a significant challenge for people, advice agencies and councils.

Collaborative working is key to the success of the approach and examples of good practice are also included. We hope you find it a useful starting point to build on existing partnerships and form new ones.

Use of the guide will be reviewed in six months.

Download Collaborative Council Tax Collection