Spatial Information Service contributes to big savings for Scottish local government
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Over the last two years, Spatial Information Service (SIS) staff within the Improvement Service have contributed to and supported the Scottish Government in negotiations to replace the One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA) with the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA), which will result in significant savings to Scottish local government.

When the SIS was established in 2015 one of its main purposes was to increase the usage of geospatial data and increase the quality of councils’ own data. One way to achieve this was to reduce the local government contribution to OSMA to enable councils to make savings and use the data more. OSMA has been in operation since 2008 and is the agreement under which Scottish public sector organisations licence access to geospatial data from Ordnance Survey and other organisations.

IS staff were involved in discussions alongside colleagues in the Scottish Government, the OSMA Management Group, the Local Government Association and Geoplace throughout the process of negotiating contracts and agreements with the Ordnance Survey and Geospatial Commission. SIS had a leading role in parts of the discussions around addressing what comes under the new PSGA, which include providing access to the Unique Property Reference Number and Unique Street Reference Number open identifiers.

These efforts have now paid off, with big savings being delivered to Scottish local government in the coming years.

The PSGA provides a new and enhanced offering of location services to meet the existing and future needs of the economy. It also means that Scottish local government contributions to the PSGA are reduced by over £500k in the first year of the PSGA (2020/21).  This is not a one-off saving, and will recur over the following three years. Thereafter the savings improve further, and are forecast to increase to £1.1m by year six of the agreement.

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