Free bus travel for under-19s
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The Scottish Government is extending free bus travel to all young people under 19 who live in Scotland.

This means that 770,000 young people will join the third of Scotland’s population who already receive free bus travel. It is expected to bring multiple benefits to young people, families and the environment by, for example, opening up social, education, employment and leisure opportunities, reducing household outgoings, and embedding sustainable travel behaviours.

As the accountable body for the National Entitlement Card Scheme, we are working with Transport Scotland and other delivery partners to operationalise the Under 19s Travel Scheme as early as practicable in 2021/22. The scheme will re-use existing assets, including the Young Scot Card, and, to make the application process as easy as possible for users and to reduce the administrative burdens on councils. allows Scottish residents to apply for and manage their National Entitlement Card entirely online. It was launched by the IS in July 2020.

It followed our consultation with Local Authorities on the National Entitlement Card Scheme in February 2020, which showed overwhelming support for an online channel being provided as the primary channel for applicants to apply for a card, report one as lost or stolen, and to order a replacement.

An online survey by Transport Scotland in March 2021 sought views on how people will apply for the Under 19s Travel Scheme.  The vast majority of the 2,000 respondents expressed a preference for applying online through 67.2% for young people and 64.1% for parents.

Nineteen councils are now using with a further 11 working towards going live.

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For more information on the Under 19s Travel Scheme, get in touch with Transport Scotland at