Money Guiders Scotland network - June update
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Do you help people with their money worries or manage those that do?

The Money Guiders Scotland learning network may be of interest to you. It holds regular events where you can learn from other organisations on a range of topics and network with people across the voluntary, third and public sectors.

In May the network heard about:

  • the Helping Hands money advice project being run by Parkhead Citizens Advice Bureau
  • the impact of problem debt on mental health, the stigma surrounding it and the support that is available, from Christians Against Poverty in Scotland
  • how to use the Money Guiders network Knowledge Hub group for networking and learning

June events

Join the network for notification of several more events coming in June, including events with:

  • Citizens Advice Scotland (29 June) – on the self-help online tools and
  • Plain Numbers (30 June) – on ways to communicate numbers for people to make better financial decisions

Further information

Find out more about this learning network, its events and activities on our website at Money Guiders Scotland network.

The network is supported by the Improvement Service, in partnership with the Money and Pensions Service, as part of the UK Money Guiders programme.