Money Guiders Scotland takes part in UK conference
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The Money Guiders Scotland network along with the three other networks in the UK came together for the first time as part of this year’s Talk Money Week.

At the online UK Money Guiders Conference 2021 in November, we heard about how the Money Guiders programme is developing, who money guiders are and, in a short video, their varied roles and what their thoughts on the future are. There were many and varied conversations happening across both conference sessions and encouraging feedback that will help inform future network activities.

If you’d like to get a flavour of a networking event, feel free to come along.

Upcoming events - Money Guiders Scotland network

How to get involved

If you or your organisation would like to get involved, you can find out more and register to join at Money Guiders Scotland or through the online community at Money Guiders network. The presentations recorded at each event, other resources and further learning opportunities are available in this online community.

Look out for the network on:

This learning network is being developed by the Improvement Service, in partnership with the Money and Pensions Service.