New trauma-informed roadmap published by NTTP
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The National Trauma Transformation Programme (NTTP), a partnership between the Improvement Service, the Scottish Government, COSLA, the Resilience Learning Partnership and NHS Education for Scotland has published a new Roadmap for Creating Trauma-Informed and Responsive Change: Guidance for Organisations, Systems and Workforces in Scotland.

This resource is designed to be used flexibly and independently by services and organisations across all sectors of the workforce in Scotland, to help identify and reflect on progress, strengths and opportunities for embedding a trauma-informed and responsive approach across policy and practice.

It is based on evidence as well as learning and good practice from the Scottish context and existing relevant Scottish frameworks and guidance. It draws extensively on what people with lived experience of trauma have said would help improve access to support, reduce re-traumatisation, recognise resilience and support recovery. The resource also draws on what experts by profession and leaders across services/ organisations have told us would support them to implement a trauma-informed and responsive approach.

This resource is a part of a broader suite of resources available through our newly rebranded National Trauma Transformation Programme, which supports the Scottish Government and COSLA’s shared ambition for a trauma-informed workforce and services across Scotland. This is a major and long-term change programme supporting the implementation of sustainable, trauma-informed, cultural and organisational change.

Laura James, National Trauma Improvement Lead at the Improvement Service, said:

“The Roadmap builds on the international evidence base and is the result of real collaboration among experts by experience, experts by profession and leaders from across Scotland, recognising that we often inhabit more than one of these roles.

“This resource—and the NTTP more broadly—builds on a huge amount of good practice that’s happening across the country. We hope that the Roadmap provides a chance for organisations to not only identify opportunities for improvement in embedding a trauma-informed approach, but also in identifying and celebrating their progress and successes to date.”

For more information about trauma, its prevalence and impact and the wider work of the NTTP please visit: