Engagement sessions on the devolved Debt Levy funding
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In August we published our interim report on ‘Potential funding models and delivery approaches which could be used to allocate the levy funding devolved to the Scottish Government for debt advice’. In it we gave a commitment to engage with a wide range of organisations across all sectors which have an interest in funding or delivering money and welfare rights advice services.

Whilst we welcome comments and suggestions in writing and by phone, we are also providing the opportunity for organisations to take part in a series of events for both the public and third sectors. These sessions will take place as follows:

  • Monday 2 December, Glasgow.
  • Friday 6 December, Edinburgh.
  • Wednesday 11 December, Perth

If you employed in the public sector please book at Public Sector.

If you are a member of a third sector organisation please book at Third Sector.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss any aspect further, please contact Karen Carrick  at or by calling 01506 283566.