Authoritative health and social care data now made available to support COVID-19 response
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The Improvement Service’s Spatial Hub is now publishing authoritative datasets of health and social care services such as care homes, GP practices and pharmacies that the data community can use for analysis and decision making purposes.

These datasets are accompanied with internet-discoverable metadata on the Scottish Spatial Data Infrastructure and accessible as web services or file downloads.

During the national response to COVID-19 it is increasingly recognised that having good and authoritative sources of data is crucial to build an evidence base for making well informed decisions. This is particularly important when it comes to the locations of services that our citizens are increasingly reliant upon. Until now, there have been various versions of such data in circulation, which can cause confusion and mixed messages. Having one single and easily accessible version of such data is imperative and, as the national experts in the standardisation of addressable locations, the IS is best placed to be doing this on behalf of Scotland’s data community.

The intention is to work with partners such as NHS24, the Care Inspectorate and Public Health Scotland to continue to provide and maintain more authoritative datasets for other health and social care services – or anyone that needs to make location-based data more accessible. Increasingly, we will be working with local government’s address custodian community to validate the data we publish and ensure that their crucial work filters through to all that rely on it.