Revised Fairer Scotland Duty guidance launched
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The Scottish Government has published revised Fairer Scotland Duty Guidance.

The Fairer Scotland Duty places a legal responsibility on particular public bodies in Scotland to actively consider (‘pay due regard’ to) how they can reduce inequalities of outcome caused by socio-economic disadvantage, when making strategic decisions.

The Fairer Scotland Duty came into force in April 2018 with interim guidance published by Scottish Government to support those public bodies subject to the duty in its implementation. This new, revised statutory guidance fulfils the same purpose and must be taken into account by the public bodies subject to the Duty when deciding how to fulfil the Duty.

Those public bodies have been implementing the Duty for the last three years and their experiences informed this revised guidance via engagement with the Fairer Scotland Duty Leads Network and through the National Co-ordinator. The Scottish Government also undertook a consultation, the analysis of which can be found on the Fairer Scotland Duty Knowledge Hub. The guidance is also informed by the report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission ‘Evaluating the Socio-Economic Duty in Scotland and Wales’.

The Improvement Service hosts the National Co-ordinator for the Fairer Scotland Duty who can be contacted at or on 07920 811662.