Debt advice funding and delivery models report
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The Improvement Service has published a preliminary report on potential funding models and delivery approaches for allocating levy funding for debt advice.

The report, ‘Potential Funding Models And Delivery Approaches Which Could Be Used To Allocate The Levy Funding Devolved To The Scottish Government For Debt Advice’,  had two objectives:

  1. to produce indicative findings that would assist Scottish Government deliberations regarding funding decisions for 2020/21
  2. to inform discussions regarding the more in-depth research and wider stakeholder engagement required for consideration of a longer-term Scottish Government approach that will maximise the impact of levy fund investment.

The preliminary research and initial stakeholder consultation carried out for the report identified seven potential funding models/approaches. A provisional analysis of each has been undertaken, with recommendations made regarding potential next steps/actions to be considered. One approach, which is currently in use, was seen as the most feasible for immediate implementation for the period 2020/21.

It is acknowledged that, whilst efforts were made to ensure that a representative range of views from across the money and welfare advice sector was sought, not everyone had the chance to participate. Accordingly, we would welcome comments on the report, particularly from organisations which were not included in the initial consultation. This will help inform the next phase of research and engagement around the various models set out.

Throughout this process, the IS - in partnership with Scottish Government - will hold regular stakeholder and consultation events. For people who are unable to attend these events but wish to be involved, a Khub group has been set up where regular reports will be published and comments invited.

If you wish to comment or discuss any aspect of this report further please contact Karen Carrick, Evaluation Manager at