Quality Indicator Framework for Trauma Informed Services, Systems and Workforces

Over 2020-21, the Improvement Service consulted a range of stakeholders across Scotland about the barriers and enablers to implementing a trauma-informed approach in their service/organisation/local area and multi-agency systems. These included practitioners, service managers, senior leaders, elected members and nominated Trauma Champions. We also asked about the kinds of support they need to embed trauma-informed practice and policy in a robust, consistent and meaningful way.

This consultation document sets out a proposal for developing a quality indicator framework to support the next phase of implementation across Scotland and to respond to stakeholders’ asks. The paper has been co-developed by the Improvement Service, NHS Education for Scotland, COSLA and the Scottish Government.

We have established a short-life advisory group, co-chaired by the Scottish Government and COSLA, to support the Framework development over 2022. More information will be shared here and through the Protecting People team on Twitter.


We want to make sure the Quality Improvement Framework reflects what people affected by trauma want from services, organisations and systems and that it is easy to use for people working in any service or organisation in Scotland. We are asking different organisations/networks and experts by experience and by profession to provide feedback on the draft so that we can make sure the tool is as effective and useful as possible.

You can access the draft Framework here.

There’s a short survey where you can let us know your thoughts on the draft Framework, and your comments will be used to help inform the final version of the Framework. The survey will close on Monday 27 February 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact

Creating Trauma-Informed Change: What, Why and How - Information Session and Consultation on Draft Framework

An information session on the draft Quality Improvement Framework was held on Thursday, 2 February 2023. The event was designed for key stakeholders and networks across Scotland who are interested in using the Framework when it is published. The session provided an opportunity to hear why the framework has been developed and its key aims and audience, and shared information about the consultation process and how stakeholders can provide feedback on the draft framework.

The session was chaired by Susan Ferguson (Scottish Government) and Simon Cameron (COSLA). The video features inputs from Dr Sandra Ferguson (NHS Education for Scotland), Shumela Ahmed (Resilience Learning Partnership) and Laura James (Improvement Service).

Creating trauma-informed change
Laura James - National Improvement Lead, Trauma