About the Associates Framework

The Associates Framework provides access to a wide range of expert support and resources to local government in Scotland.

The framework enables councils, the Improvement Service and other organisations in local government to access flexible and affordable support when they need additional capacity or skills to deliver their priorities. Currently, the Improvement Service, 28 councils, COSLA, Scotland Excel, SEEMIS and the Local Government Digital Office are all named on the framework.

What is the Associate's Framework?

The framework agreement consists of 15 associates with substantial experience in their specialist field/s. Associates are available in the following service categories:

  • Change management
  • Improvement support
  • Policy, strategy, development and delivery – advice and support
  • Organisational development
  • Political leadership
  • Economic development
  • Spatial information
  • Employee engagement
  • Communications
  • Research, evidence and evaluation

The support is time-limited and provided outside the ‘business-as-usual’ environment when in-house skills are not available. Associates are used to provide additional resource, skills and expertise, not to cover vacancies and they should be involved in a defined package of work or project rather than covering a day-to-day workload or defined job/ role.

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