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Community Planning in Scotland

This website provides information on support available to Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs), Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs), and other community partners who are working to improve outcomes for individuals and local communities across Scotland.

On the website, you will find links to online tools and information provided by national improvement agencies and specialist organisations, as well as the contact details of who to speak to, if you would like to access tailored support.

Community Planning Outcomes Profile (CPOP)

The Community Planning Outcomes Profile is a tool to help you assess if the lives of people in your community are improving. It contains a set of core measures on important life outcomes including early years, older people, safer/stronger communities, health and wellbeing, and engagement with local communities. It's purpose is to support CPP decision-making and inform the development of Local Outcomes Improvement Plans (LOIPs).

Emily Lynch - Programme Manager, Performance Management & Benchmarking