Aberdeenshire Debt Conference, 25 May 2015

The challenges of implementing Universal Credit was just one of the many issues under discussion at a debt conference organised by Aberdeenshire Council in May 2015.

Front line practitioners from across the council and third sector come together to share knowledge and practice on the day that Universal Credit was rolled out in the area.

Participants backgrounds extended across revenues and benefits, housing and social care, employability, education, welfare and benefit advisers, fuel advice workers, credit union sector and people working with low income families and people living in poverty.

The main aims of the event were to

  • To explore some of the challenges and opportunities of the current climate
  • To highlight services and partners that are working in this sector
  • To identify good practice and increase partnership working within the sector

A range of key note speeches and workshops were delivered with a final panel session for questions and answers. You can download many of the presentations and a summary report of the day below.

Aberdeenshire Debt Conference

Susan Donald, Benefits Manager at Aberdeenshire Council, sums up the Aberdeenshire Debt Conference held in May 2015.

The Improvement Service's Sandra Sankey, Project Manager on the Money Advice Outcomes Project, was a keynote speaker at the event.

Download Sandra Sankey's presentation.

Feedback following the event highlights the uptake of credit union membership.

Workshops covered the following

  • Advice and information Services
  • Exploring partnership working for money advice and other services
  • Housing and revenue processes
  • Financial inclusion and working in partnership

The Improvement Service helped facilitate an interactive workshop discussion around ‘effective partnership working’.

A summary report was produced following the event with feedback from delegates and an action plan is in development with a future event being planned around child poverty later in the year.

Download the summary report.

Download a list of advice agencies and useful contacts in Aberdeenshire.

Download the Financial Inclusion Activity Plan.

Sandra Sankey - Project Manager, Money Advice