Money Guiders network

Money touches every aspect of our lives. Money guidance is often given as part of wider services provided by many different types of organisations and practitioners. You may be a youth worker, a volunteer or helping vulnerable people. The network is designed to give you the support and information that can help make it easier for you to talk to others about their money worries.

The ‘Money Guiders’ programme, provided by the Money and Pensions Service, seeks to help organisations and practitioners deliver money guidance well throughout the UK.

The Improvement Service is developing the practitioner learning network in Scotland, supporting a wide range of individuals across all sectors that deliver any form of money guidance.

You can use the network to:

  • connect with others, both at events and in the online community of Money Guiders in Scotland
  • ask questions and share experiences
  • find out about events and other learning opportunities
  • learn from experts and other Money Guiders
  • feel more confident in talking to people about their money

Tap into the Money Guiders programme

There are three parts to the programme, all free.

Money Guidance Competency Framework

A self-assessment personal/organisational development tool

Money Guiders Learning Hub

Online training courses linked to the Money Guidance Competency Framework

Money Guiders network

Scotland is one of four in the UK, along with networks for England, Northern Ireland and Wales. The Scotland network has an online community on the Knowledge Hub collaboration platform.

Use these parts together in your organisation to:

  • Develop employees in the key areas of money guidance
  • Increase service effectiveness and capacity
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Maximise funding opportunities

How to join the network

1. Am I a money guider?

If you talk with others about their money worries and help them, then you are most likely a money guider. See this definition for more details if you are still not sure.

2. Join the network

  • Register now – this asks for your contact details and a bit about your role
  • You’ll be told when new events and activities are coming up and receive a monthly newsletter


Upcoming events

Accessible Advice - Present and Future

Thursday, 21 July (12.00pm-1.00pm)

Find out about the ways Scottish local authority funded money and welfare advice services support access to face-to-face services.

Register for Accessible Advice - Present and Future

Wellbeing for Money Guiders - workshops

Led by Money Advice Scotland
  1. Stress management and resilience (25 August 2022) - will help you to identify stress, ways of dealing with it and improving your personal resilience.
  2. Talking about wellbeing (8 February 2023) - will discuss why and how to open conversations about your own or others’ wellbeing.
  3. Protecting your wellbeing (12 October 2022) - focusing on self-care, boundaries and mindfulness techniques.
More information

You can find out more by visiting the Money and Pensions Service Money Guiders pages.

Money and Pensions Service

John Mitchell - Knowledge Management Project Manager, Money Guiders Network - Scotland